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I only feed round bales in the winter so it is not worth it to me to spend a lot of money building a bale mover. I remember folks asking how others move bales out onto pasture. Here is a picture of how I do it with a forecart. I back the cart up to the flat end of a bale, stick a bar a couple feet into the opposite flat end and run a come-along from the bar to the hammer strap. the bale will pivot up on the cart as you winch it in. My bales are smaller, about 200 pounds, I am not sure how well this would work with the big bales.
Just wanted to share.

PS: I have scoot runners bolted to the rims if you are trying to figure out what happened to the rims.

Klaus Karbaumer says 2017-02-24 11:08:58 (CST)

Billy, I don't know how far you have to move these bales. When I move one of the big round bales ( 4x5 ft or bigger) I just put a chain around them and move them on the ground. But then I do not move them farther than at best 200ft from outside of the fence into the pasture where I need them. Your method looks pretty good for the nice team of Haflingers you have.

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Ralph in N.E.Oh says 2017-02-24 19:06:43 (CST)


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Billy Foster says 2017-02-25 07:07:18 (CST)

Klaus. The problem we have with draging is the deep snow that we traditionally have in the winter. Often we are dealing with several feet of loose snow. The runners really help with that. I like the smaller bales since the horses can clean them up pretty quickly between storms.
They are a good little team, pretty handy. Thanks

2 years ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Wes Lupher says 2017-03-01 08:56:46 (CST)

I feed around 750 of them a year. In one part of the ranch I used a team of mules and a work sled to feed 120 cows. Pull bales out of the stack, orient them and the sled, tip onto the sled, and then either pitch them off or pull off with the team.
We fed over 100 ton this way before I brought those cows to the home place for calving a week ago.

At home this year I fed with horses and a bale unroller made by Allan Moulton that is on runners. Lift with cum-along/boat winch, squeeze with cum-along.

It can be remarkably simple and fun to work with round bales.

2 years ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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