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1 year ago

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Hats off to you Bryan Headley for saving your family's old barn. My wife and I both would have barn like that on our place, it just makes both of us sad when we are traveling around and see them old barns falling down. Again hat off to you.

Koty says 2017-02-06 14:41:22 (CST)

Driving around the country, nothing is worse than seeing all of the old barns falling apart. So sad. I love walking through the ones still standing to look at the bull pens, the horse stalls, and the older dairy set-ups.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Ralph in N.E.Oh says 2017-02-06 19:58:27 (CST)

I agree Bryan. I love to see one saved.
When my great grandpa was on his deathbed, I went to see him. I was thirteen years old. He asked me not to throw stones at an old barn to break out windows. I stood there, tears in my eyes and nodded my understanding. For me, it wasn't the old windows he was talking about, it was a whole way of life. A life that he had known for over 90 years. Perhaps this is where some of my love for farming comes from? I don't know, but I do know, whenever I see an old barn, I always think of my great grandpa. RIP, Fred Case.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

NoraWI says 2017-02-07 06:47:37 (CST)

My 1906 old barn is bulging to the east and sagging on the west. It has a limestone rubble foundation with numerous cracks, needs a new roof (which I already replaced once 15 years ago), new wood flooring in the suspended self-leveling haymow, a new cement floor on the main floor and all new windows. It is a typical hillside barn with a ramp (rotted) into the haymow and a gambrel roof. It has a nice cupola vent topped by a lovely wind vane featuring a horse. The cupola got knocked askew by the tornado of 2008. I use the old barn only for storage now. I explored repairs and they will cost well over $50,000, which I don't have. Any suggestions?

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Koty says 2017-02-08 09:03:56 (CST)

Nora...... see if you can somehow get it declared a "historic site" or of unique "historic value". Then there may be organizations that will help you preserve it. Just a thought. There are a lot of people out there who don't want to see all of these old barns fall down.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

K.C. Fox says 2017-02-08 23:51:48 (CST)

I know what you mean about old barns they have a lot of sentimental value, it is sad to see them falling down ,burned or just a hole dug and shoved in it. I have a horse barn and a cow shed here that are well over 100 years old that I need to redo. A metal shed just don't have the value as a wooden barn. I have found writing on the walls from 1905. I now have the 2x4's and 2x6's to rebuild the walls would like to cover the outside with chip board then tin over that.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

NoraWI says 2017-02-09 07:54:03 (CST)

Koty, thanks for your suggestions. I have tried, including with the State Historical Society. This barn is not unique. It is just an example of a nice old wooden barn. I was refused any financial help to restore it. Pity. It is a Jersey barn with old wooden stantions. Too short for Holsteins. Hasn't been in active use with animals in about 50 years. Maybe more. Amazing that it is still standing without animals to keep it heated and stable. One of the men whom I contacted for repairs told me that it would "outlive" me. I am 76 now.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Ralph in N.E.Oh says 2017-02-09 15:32:03 (CST)

Nora, Koty gives some good advice. Perhaps a family member would like to follow your footsteps into farming. Restoring that old barn will make a big building for the money. If all else fails, there are companies that will pay for your barn, take it down and clean up the mess. At least that way the old girl gets salvaged.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Uncle Jed says 2017-02-11 23:07:02 (CST)

Nora have you tried to contact FARM AID? Maybe Willie and the "boys" can help? I heard something on the radio about Willie being sick, hope he's okay and can help you.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Wanderosa says 2017-02-21 20:03:14 (CST)

Crazy thought - has anyone having trouble finding local resources for preservation tried contacting any companies around here? (Northern VA, Washington DC area) There's such demand for old barns for vineyard tasting rooms, wedding venues, house conversions, and the like that they often truck them in from other areas now. It's hard to find a property with one to use as an actual barn anymore!

Funny story: I work at a music store in a town that was a sleepy farm town until about a decade ago. Now it's become a sought after place to live for families leaving the closer DC suburbs. A few years ago they built a new shopping center on an old farm at the main intersection into town. There was an absolutely majestic barn that was supposed to be dismantled and moved to another spot on the property. The construction company thought they could be sneaky and destroy it instead. People saw it and in less than 15 minutes a group of outraged citizens with the mayor in an overcoat over his pajamas had descended on the backhoe operator. Reporters from several newspapers and even a TV station arrived soon after. The construction company tried to claim it was a mistake. But they found themselves the subject of some really scathing media and concerned citizens sat at the edge of the property daily for the duration of the construction project watching them to make sure nothing else happened.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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