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I don't know anything about the new Secretary.... Sonny Purdue. I read he's a former Governor of Georgia.

Not trying to be political here, just wondering if anyone has a sense of what he is going to be trying to do in the position. Does he have agricultural experience? Do we feel collectively that he is going to help us?

Klaus Karbaumer says 2017-02-12 09:18:39 (CST)

Koty, on RFD-TV I heard several positive comments about him. The problem is, what is the help supposed to be like? The commodity producers want higher prices for corn, soybeans, wheat, etc., the beef, pork and poultry producers want lower ones. Specialization has driven farmers in many different corners. All of them want better export chances, but that has consequences: Imports from those countries we export to might hurt other segments of the economy, and you know what the present administration thinks about trade deals. Another thing would be regulations that many farmers complain about, but things are not so easy here either. I for example do not want to have rules eased that would affect spraying pesticides being the only organic farmer far and wide. I had part of my crop damaged once! There are many aspects to be considered and I think farmers better be prepared to re-consider how they are farming instead of expecting great help. Right now really believe that farmers are their own best enemies.
I didn't post here earlier because I never scrolled down far enough to see your question.

2 years ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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