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Greer, South Carolina USA

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 Vic Campbell
 3855 Pennington Road,
 Greer, SC 29651
log cabin farm apprenticeship
Log Cabin Farm

Partially self-sustaining small
farm run by Vic Campbell (owner)
doing most work by hand or
horse power, tractor only
when necessary. I have an
Amish-built 40' x 80' timberframe
pegged barn for our Brabant work horse & brood mare operation. I want to pass on what I know of living a simpler lifestyle.

  • Source of power: 9 Brabants,1956 Ferguson tractor.
  • Horses are used to: serve as broodmares; mow, ted, rake hay; work gardens; walking plow, 2 sulky plows, corn binder, manure spreader, grain drill, hay wagon, disc, cart and wagon.
  • Acreage: 125, including leases; 25 in corn, hay, oats, 2 gardens, apple trees, sorghum cane patch, fig trees, pear trees, and woodlot.
  • Other livestock: laying hens, donkey, Shetland pony, Quarterhorses, polled Herefords; petting farm that includes a few goats, sheep, and a mini mare that pulls a cart.
  • Skills offered in: basic working knowledge of family farm; harnessing, feeding, and working draft horses; managing a small herd of beef cattle, birthing calves and foals, starting young horses to work in harness, making homemade sorghum molasses from planting to harvest, and using horse-drawn molasses mill.
  • Apprenticeship duties: In addition to learning all the farm skills above, daily chores will include cleaning cows' corral, cow and horse stalls and drive manure spreader with two horses.
  • Work hours: 8 hrs/day, days/wk by arrangement.
  • Terms: 1 apprentice at a time, preferably full-time for one year but will consider shorter periods of two, four, or six months; 3 references required.
  • Stipend: $200/month if apprentice works 6 days/wk.
  • Accommodations: by arrangement.
  • Apprentice must be: horse oriented; interested in helping with all farm activities in return for learning, experience, and fun; on time, kind to animals, willing to do demanding physical work; clean (no tobacco, alcohol, drugs).
  • Visit first: if apprentice desires.
  • Trial period: 1 week.

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