Halfway, Oregon USA

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Above: Good Farming Apprenticeship Network participant Oak Tree Farm.
Oak Tree Ranch
Marvin Brisk
45634 Lone Fir Rd,
Halfway, OR 97834

75% horse powered well diversified family farm. Raise hay and grain for livestock, potatoes, onions, sweet corn for local markets. High tunnel production of various seasonal veggies for sale. Market farm raised, chemical free lamb, pork, beef & eggs. Milk goats for liquid milk and fresh cheese sales. Have harness shop which is now mostly used for repairs and well outfitted mechanic shop for refurbishing old horse drawn equipment and for repairing and maintaining equipment used on the farm.

  • Source of power: 16 horses
  • Draft Animals are used for: Plow, disc, plant, cultivate, harvest, cut hay, rake hay, pick up small bales and loose hay, haul manure, winter feeding, community hay rides.
  • Non-draft animals: dogs, cats, geese, chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, cattle
  • Acreage: 100; 2 in garden, 11 incrops, 40 in pasture, 45 in hay.
  • Skills offered in: 40+ years of farming and working with draft animals. Experienced mechanic, welder, harness maker.
  • Work hours: 7:00 am until done (8 hrs/day). Mid-April to September.
  • Terms: room & board;
  • Accommodations: 36 ft, 1 bdrm, park model trailer with kitchen and bath
  • Meals: Provided - self prepared from farm food consisting of meat, milk, eggs, veggies.
  • Apprentice must: Some horse experience preferred. Good work ethic. Able to take and follow directions with a desire to learn. Able to care for self and live independently. Prefer non-smoker.
  • Expectations: Live on the farm working with draft animals raising grain, hay, vegetable crops from soil preparation thru harvest. Maintain and repair farm equipment. Tend a variety of other livestock. Work side by side with us displaying a cooperative attitude and desire to learn the ins and outs of everyday farm life throughout the growing season.
  • Visit first: yes
  • Comments: We've accumulated a large amount of knowledge about farming, working with animals. and life that we'd like to share. We have a lovely, small, diversified farm representing more than 30 yrs of hard work. It's a wonderful life; we'd like to help others attain their farming dream.
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