Marathon, New York USA

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 Donn Hewes
 3501 Hoxie Gorge - Freetown Rd,
 Marathon, NY 13803
Northland Sheep Dairy

We have a small 100% grass-
based sheep dairy where we make raw milk artisan cheeses. Our herd of 6 draft horses and mules are rotationally grazed and provide
the majority of our traction power. We have 15+ years of draft horse and mule experience, from
logging to farming.

  • Source of power: 3 draft mule, 3 draft horses, 1 American Mammoth jack donkey.
  • Equine are used to: clip pastures, spread compost, harrow pastures, clip, rake, ted, and bale hay with both ground driven equipment and PTO- powered forecart; skid logs for domestic firewood, plow, cultivate, and harvest 3 acres of vegetables and small grains.
  • Acreage: 100; 1 in garden, 4 orchard, 65 pasture & hay, 30 woodlot.
  • Other livestock: 30-45 milking ewes, 2 pigs for finishing, 60+ lambs for grass-fed lamb market, herding dogs, and a flock of laying ducks.
  • Skills offered in: pasture management; horse harnessing, handling, and driving; sheep milking, sheep grazing, lamb grazing and management; homesteading activities such as gardening and collecting firewood; intern(s) will be exposed to cheesemaking, but should not expect to learn cheesemaking, although they may be involved in turning cheeses
    as they age.
  • Work hours: 40-50 hrs/wk
  • Terms Room and partial board furnished; one apprentice or couple at a time, June through August (minimum) or April to October.
  • Stipend: Yes. $120/wk.
  • Accommodations: pleasant 12x28 apartment, somewhat primitive with 55-gallon barrel for drinking and wash water, gas stove and a refrigerator where apprentice can prepare all their meals. There is limited WiFi capability in the apartment, and apprentice should have their own cell phone. They may use the washing machine in the main house.
  • Apprentice must be: have a genuine interest in farming; help move groups of animals to fresh pasture; help with haymaking on hot summer days; be willing and mature.
  • Visit first: yes.
  • Trial period: one month.

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