Titusville, New Jersey USA

titusville, nj apprenticeship
Above: Good Farming Apprenticeship Network
participant Howell Living History Farm, Titusville, NJ
USA, uses a historical farm setting to teach about
food production.
Howell Living History Farm
Robert Flory
101 Hunter Road
Titusville, NJ 08560
fax 609-737-6524 robflory@howellfarm.com

Howell Farm is operated by Mercer County Park Commission and uses a historical farm setting to teach about food production. Interns raise crops with ox- and hand-powered methods and practice other skills related to self-sufficient living, such as seed saving and food preservation. In addition to
hands-on work, study resources are provided. Many interns apply these skills to international development work, others to small­scale farming and homesteading.

  • Source of power: 7 horses, 2 oxen, tractors.
  • Draft Animals are used for: tillage, some mowing and reaping, hay raking, cultivation, planting, hauling, harvesting.
  • Acreage: 130.
  • Other livestock: hogs, sheep, chickens.
  • Skills offered in: production of grain, hay, and vegetables; livestock re; food preservation; equipment and structures maintenance.
  • Work hours: 8-10 hrs/day, 6 days/wk.
  • Terms: room & produce; 2-3 apprentices at a time, 12 week minimum.
  • Stipend: yes.
  • Accommodations: private room in the farm house; interns prepare their own meals alone or with other interns.
  • Apprentice must: be self-motivated to learn and master techniques, care about their work.
  • Visit first: if practical.
  • Trail period: not necessary.

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