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Above: Good Farming Apprenticeship Network
participant Tillers International, Scotts, MI
USA, a training center focused on applied low-capital techniques for farm communities
Tillers International
Jonathan Kline, Director
10515 E OP Avenue
Scotts, MI 49088

Training center focused on applied low-capital techniques for farm communities in the United States and overseas. We promote farming systems using local renewable resources, including animals as a power source, and we host classes on related topics.

  • Source of power: oxen, horses.
  • Horses are used for: all aspects of farming, including manure hauling, tilling, cultivating, road maintenance, and harvesting of timber, hay, oats, wheat, corn, and edible beans.
  • Acreage: 430; 9 in tilled crop rotation, the remainder in hay, pasture, and woodlot.
  • Skills offered in: sustainable agriculture, international rural development, historical interpretation, blacksmithing, hand tool woodworking; basic skills for advancing the farming capabilities of others. Some interns receive credit toward university degrees.
  • Work hours: vary according to needs.
  • Terms: Tillers will accept two paid interns for the 2011 season, early March to December; 12 weeks minimum, no maximum.
  • Stipend: yes.
  • Accommodations: on-farm rooms with shared facilities (including full kitchen) available for a nominal fee; meals not provided; garden produce and eggs available in season.
  • Apprentice must: be able to communicate ideas, willing to work with public and groups, work without close supervision, and cooperate with others; do farm work (plant, cultivate, harvest crops, woodworking, metal working, blacksmithing). Agricultural experience is a plus, but not required.
  • Visit first: no.
  • Trail period: 6 weeks.

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