Rising Sun, Maryland USA

Flying Plow
Tom Paduano and Sara Rider96
Charles Jognson Farm Ln, Rising
Sun, MD 21911, 443-686-9786
Flying Plow Farm

is a diverse farm in Rising Sun, MD. Our primary focus is vegetable production for our 120 to 170 member CSA and 3 farmers markets. Currently we grow on a semi-extensive vegetable system similar to the bioextensive method. We have 9 acres in vegetable production with 6 acres in cash crops during the season. We focus on season extension into the late fall and early winter with hardy vegetables and temporary greenhouses.

The farm also raises livestock for meat, eggs, and draft power. We keep one to two pastured laying flocks depending on the time of year. In the spring and fall we raise several batches of pastured poultry for meat. There are currently 8 horses on the farm, 5 of which are draft horses and used for various types of field work and farm chores. We also have a small beef herd.

  • Source of power: 2 Belgians, 3 Haflingers. and a tractor.
  • Horses are used for: mainly for secondary tillage and bed preparation in our vegetable fields. Most time is spent using a disk, spring tooth harrow, cultipacker, and riding cultivator. When time allows we will use horses for simple chore work and plowing.
  • Acreage: 56 total, 9 acres in garden, 40 acres in pasture.
  • Other livestock: We raise six batches of pastured poultry during the course of the growing season. There are 150 to 300 pastured laying hens on the farm throughout the year, and we keep a small beef herd.
  • Skills offered in: We offer a hands-on working education in small-scale vegetable production and draft horse work. Time set aside early and late in the season for formal teaching sessions, covering a set curriculum. Details can be found in our application packet.
    Our apprentices can also be paired with the Beginning Farmer Training Program of Maryland, details can be found at www.futureharvestcasa.org. For the right candidates we offer a second year apprenticeship where the apprentice is given access to our land and our markets to start their own on-farm enterprise. This pairs nicely with the Beginning Farmer Training Program.
  • Terms:room and board furnished; at least two apprentices from Jan/Feb through mid-December.
  • Stipend: yes, minimum of $500/mo with a sliding scale to meet
  • Accommodations: a modern apartment outbuilding rented on farm.
  • Meals:no
  • Visit first: yes.
  • Trial period: four week.
  • Comments: If interested in applying please send us a
    letter/email telling why you would like to work with draft animals on a small, diversified farm and we will respond with our application packet.

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