Oakland, Maryland USA

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 Max & Katharine Dubansky
 530 Lynndale Road,
 Oakland, MD 21550
Three Graces Farm & Backbone Food Farm
Small farming family with organic market gardens growing wide
variety of market produce, some
cut flowers and shiitake
mushrooms. Four markets a week
plus a 50-family CSA. We also
keep a few steers, replacement
heifers, laying hens, pastured
poultry, and hogs. We have been
working with horses for nine years.
Still have plenty to learn, as well
as plenty to share, and we love
what we do. We have been
working horses since 1996.

  • Source of power: 2 teams of Percherons and a small tractor.
  • Horses are used for: plowing, harrowing, cultivation, spreading manure, haying, firewood pulling, and various other chores.
  • Acreage: 40; 6 in garden, 4 in crops, 40 in pasture, 20 in hay, 100 in woodlot, remainder unused woodlands.
  • Other livestock: a few steers, laying hens, hogs, and a family milk cow.
  • Skills offered in: how a team fits on a small-scale produce operation/diversified alternative ag farm; draft horse basics harnessing, ground driving and more, depending on intern's level of willingness and competence; marketing skills, shiitake mushroom growing, animal husbandry, hand milking, equipment repairs, and so on and so on;
    general survival on a small farm with a self-employed family.
  • Work hours: 40 hrs/wk.
  • Terms: room & board; 1-2 apprentice at a time for the length of the growing season, April through October.
  • Stipend: $75/wk.
  • Accommodations: small cabin with woodstove, no electricity or plumbing; mostly home grown, all home cooking, vegetarian
    and meat from farm.
  • Apprentice must be: honest, reliable, flexible, able to communicate openly, willing to do physically strenuous work, willing to dive in and be a part of the family, able to take initiative and go with the flow. We have
    a lot going on this time of the year so it's important to be dependable.
    Good will toward small children and animals is essential. We enjoy
    apprentices who are curious and engaged in what is going on around
    them. We are fairly easy going as long as there is mutual respect, communication, and understanding.
  • Visit first: yes.
  • Trial period: one week.

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