Stow, Maine USA

Stow, Maine USA apprenticeship
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participant Plowden Horse Logging, Stow, Maine
USA, is a family run and owned horse powered logging company, specializing in low impact harvests.
Plowden Horse Logging
John Plowden
280 Union Hill Road
Stow, ME 04037

We are a family run and owned horse powered logging company. We specialize in low impact harvests focused on improving
the forest for the future. I've been working with draft horses for
14 years, and been instructing
their use in the woods to both adults and grade school students.
I can share both my knowledge
and skills in the woods, and those from some of my associates, who on occasion drop by.

  • Source of power: 3 Belgians.
  • Horses are used for: all aspects of logging, some fieldwork, working both single and as a team.
  • Acreage: 30+ acres leased hay and crop land; 1 in garden, 3.5 in pasture, 2 in woodlot.
  • Other livestock: chickens, sheep, dogs, too many cats.
  • Skills offered in: intensive low impact horse logging and driving, draft horse care (grooming and feeding), hoof trimming, harnessing, trailering.
  • Work hours: 8 hrs/day, 40 hrs/wk; dawn til dark and sometimes beyond.
  • Terms: room & board; 1 apprentice at a time in summer, fall or winter
    (it is best not to be in the woods during mud season), length tailored
    to student.
  • Stipend: no.
  • Accommodations: use of cabin, meals with a family of six; hearty
    home cooking, mostly organic vegies and home raised meats.
  • Apprentice must: be willing and able to work in differing seasonal extremes in the woods, wake early, share the farm chores; want to learn
    by doing; have a sincere interest in using the skills I can teach.
  • Visit first: yes.

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