Covelo, California USA

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Above: Good Farming Apprenticeship Network
participant Live Power Community Farm, Covelo, California USA, is a diversified certified bio-dynamic
CSA farm.
Steven & Gloria Decater,
25451 East Lane
Covelo, CA 95428
707-983-8196 (phone/fax)
Live Power
Community Farm

Diversified certified bio-dynamic CSA farm utilizing the non-fossil energy of draft horses and solar electric. More than 200 families
and individuals share the harvest and receive a weekly supply of fresh vegetables throughout the
30-week growing season between May and November. We are actively involved in national CSA farmland preservation. We host workshops and field days, educational visits for school children, and apprenticeship opportunities for adults.

  • Source of power: horses, tractor for baling.
  • Horses are used for: plowing, discing, cultivating, seeding, mowing,
    raking, hauling.
  • Acreage: 40; 4 acres in vegetables and the rest in grains, hay,
    and pasture.
  • Other livestock: sheep, pigs, cows, chickens and other poultry.
  • Skills offered in: day-to-day operation of the farm, including animal chores, planting, cultivating, harvesting, compost-building, raising
    vegetable transplants, crop irrigation, horse work, production of forage crops and grains.
  • Work hours: weekdays, dawn to 7:00 p.m.; Saturday until lunch; weekend chores shared on rotational basis.
  • Terms:room, board & learning in exchange for work; one-year commitment preferred, 1 1/2 years required for apprentices desiring to specialize in horse work; 4 to 8 apprentices at a time.
  • Accommodations: trailers, cabins; group cooking and cleaning duties; we can accommodate some, but not all, dietary restrictions.
  • Apprentice must: take a willing and cheerful attitude toward work and study, remain respectful of the way our family farm is operated, have a desire to learn bio-dynamic agriculture and a willingness to participate fully in a hands-on experience of farm life.
  • Visit first: yes.
  • Trial period: several days to 2 weeks.

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