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If you offer apprenticeships in draft animal farming or logging, please join the Good Farming Apprenticeship Network.
This free service is offered by
Rural Heritage to help novices
gain hands-on experience from knowledgeable teamsters.
To list your farming or logging apprenticeships, please
completely fill in the following information:

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  • Source of power (please specify how many of each):

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  • Land Description:

Apprenticeship Description

  • Yes, provided in exchange for work No, not provided

  • Yes No

  • in family home outbuilding not provided

  • Yes, provided No, not provided

  • Yes, visit first No, not necessary If apprentice desires

  • Yes, would like a trial period No, not necessary

Rural Heritage provides this service free of charge and makes no warranty,
expressed or implied, related to participation in the Good Farming
Apprenticeship Network
. We urge both apprentices and those offering
apprenticeships to investigate before engaging in any agreement.
If you have questions please feel free to email

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