Rural Heritage St. Thomas. Ontario Apprenticeship

St. Thomas, Ontario Canada

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Orchard Hill Farm
Ken or Martha Lang
45415 Fruit Ridge Line, RR#5,
St. Thomas,
Almonte ON Canada, N5P 3S9

Horse powered CSA vegetable operation for 200 families.
  • Source of power: draft horses, mostly Suffolk, tractor.
  • Horses are used for: all tillage, plowing, discing, cultivating, mowing, tedding and raking hay, cultivating vegetables, hauling vegetables
    with wagon.
  • Draft Animal Experience: 31 years using draft horses.
  • Acreage: 93; 5.5 in garden, 11 in woodlot.
  • Other livestock: 75 laying hens, 3 composting pigs, and one family Jersey cow.
  • Skills offered in: Teamster skills, CSA garden planning, planting and harvesting. Greenhouse production for transplants.
  • Apprentice Expectations: Apprentice will work in all aspects of
    farm operation.
  • Work hours: 6:30-7:15 am, 8 am -noon, 1-6 pm, 6 days per week. (9-10 hours per day, 54-60 hours per week).
  • Terms: room & board.
  • Number of Apprentices accepted at one time: 4.
  • Stipend: yes, $2500 for first season, $5000 for 2nd.
  • Accommodations: three-bedroom strawbale bunkhouse
  • Meals: Yes. All eat together family style.
  • Apprentice must: want to farm and be keen to learn.
  • Visit first: yes.
  • Trial period: yes.

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