Plantagenet, Ontario Canada

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Above: Good Farming Apprenticeship Network
participant Mariposa Farm, Plantagenet, ON Canada.. Mariposa is a bilingual (French-English) organic farm.
Mariposa Farm
Ian Walker
6468 Highway 174,
ON Canada K0B 1L0
fax 613-673-1901

Mariposa farm is a bilingual (French-English) organic farm.
We grow vegetables for our
on-farm restaurant. We also raise
cows, pigs, ducks, and geese for
the Ottawa restaurant market.
We have been working horses for five years.

  • Source of power: 2 horses.
  • Horses are used for: logging; discing and cultivating the gardens; general help around the farm.
  • Acreage: 200; 99 in woodlot, 100 tillable — 1 in garden, 40 in pasture, 60 in hay.
  • Other livestock: cows, pigs, ducks, geese.
  • Skills offered in: field work, organic vegetable production, driving, logging, riding, and carpentry.
  • Work hours: 8-10/day, 6 days/wk.
  • Terms: room and board furnished; one apprentice at a time for a minimum of one month, any time of year.
  • Stipend: yes.
  • Accommodations: second floor of pavilion with nice view of the farm; home cook meals.
  • Apprentice must be: hard working, honest, reliable, non-smoking, happy to share farm chores.
  • Visit first: if desired.
  • Trial period: 2 weeks.

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