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Rural Heritage website has long been an important resource for people
interested in all aspects of draft animal power, rural living, self-sufficiency
and sustainable living.

Our most popular feature is our Front Porch Forum, with a devoted following
of readers who ask questions and share information about rural life. They visit
dozens of times a day, every day. We also maintain a wide variety of informative
articles under our "Resources" section on topics ranging from diversified small scale farming, to draft animal training, to market gardening, to farming with draft animal power, to oxen, to horse health. and more.

All of these combine to attract a wide range of visitors who are looking, not
only for information, but also for products to help them with their rural lifestyle. attracts visitors


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All ads placed on our website are $200/two months, with discounts for ads running
six months and one year. Below are the rates, locations and sizes of ads offered.
If you would like to place an ad on a page that does not currently carry
advertisements, please contact us about possible availability.
As always, we can help design and create your ad.

Website Banner Placement & Size
 Location Width x Height (size in Pixels)

 Home Page

Banner 600 x 99

 Front Porch, latest messages

Square 240 x 240
Rectangle 240 x 160

 Front Porch, complete message list

Square 240 x 240
Rectangle 240 x 160

 Index of past issues

Square 240 x 240
Rectangle 240 x 160

 Our Advertiser Business Directory

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Rectangle 240 x 160

 Submit an Event

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 2 months

6 months

1 year



Our Advertiser Business Directory

 The Advertiser Directory is our online business directory. It is updated every April.
 All Rural Heritage advertisers and subscribers during the previous year are entitled
 to one free listing, consisting of business name, address, telephone number,
 fax number, linked email address and website (if applicable), and a brief description
 of product or service.

 The Advertiser listing:

$20 for the first (in US$)
$10 each additional listing (in US$).
Free listings with annual ad contract or subscription.
Other Advertising Options

 Teams for Sale:
  Horse Teams
  Mule Teams
  Ox Teams

Teams for Sale listing is $5.00 per listing. List your
Horse Team, Mule Team or Ox Team in the Horse, Mule or
Ox Teams for Sale.

  Your Listing includes:
   3–month listing 
   Free listing photo
   Email alert: when listing expires

 Horse Loggers

List your horse logging business where woodlot owners look
first to find a horse logger for hire. List your Logging Business 
in the Horse Loggers Directory is Free. Adding a photo
of your logging team to your listing is free.

 Farriers for Hire

Farriers who work on heavy horses, mules, or oxen are often
difficult to find. Inform the world of your willingness to handle
the hoofcare of working animals. List your Farrier Business
in the Farrier Directory is Free. Adding a photo of your
logging team to your listing is Free.
Agency Information


Usual agency fees apply


Any advertiser using a PO Box in an advertisement must
furnish publisher with a legal street address and
phone number


Cancellation of any advertisement must be in writing.

 Publisher‘s rights:

Publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel advertising for any reason at any time. Advertising placement is subject to publisher's approval and is positioned on a first come first placed basis unless a special position fee is paid.


For more information or to place an ad please contact:
Joe Mischka 319-362-3027
fax 319-362-3046

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