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Editorial Guidelines

Rural Heritage editorial guidelines for writers, photographers,
cartoonists, and poets interested in submitting to this bimonthly journal,
established in 1976 in support of farming and logging with horses, mules, and oxen and donkeys and other aspects of self-sufficient living.

Many of our readers have always farmed with draft animals; others are adopting the practice for economic or environmental reasons.
We welcome submissions from experienced teamsters who have
knowledge to share with our readers. We seek knowledgeable correspondents in parts of the country and abroad that are
not yet covered.

Submit to:
 Joe Mischka, Editor
Rural Heritage, PO Box 2067
 Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-2067
Photos: Stories without photos are harder to place. Photos must be of high enough
resolution to be "print-quality". In most cases that means at least 300 dpi at 4 inch width.
Please do not send photos embedded in stories. Send photos separately and
include a list of captions for each photo submitted.

Know your subject: Our readers are quick to notice errors in terminology,
equipment/breed identification, etc.

We Seek:
  1. How-to articles on any subject pertaining to draft animals and their uses,
    especially technical details on specific pieces of horse-drawn
    equipment, how it was obtained/restored, how much it cost, how it is
    put together, how it works, problems encountered, and how they
    were solved.
  2. Profiles of farmers or loggers who use draft-animal power, which must include some take-away message, such as offering insights about working with animals, using equipment, clever ways to solve problems
    or earn income.
  3. Specific farming, ranching, or logging options with economic details,
    such as how much something costs or how much one might expect
    to earn.
  4. Results of work animal and implement auctions—prices paid, popular
    items, trends, etc.
  5. Humorous articles related to our general subject matter.
We do not publish any of the following: religious material; non-farm related
political or social topics; trials and tribulations of transplanted city folks; or comparisons between city and country life.

Deadlines: Given only for stories assigned to established contributors. All others
submit on speculation. Please submit seasonal stories at least 6 months in advance.

Submission: Submit the completed story or a brief description of what you intend to
cover and how you'll handle it. If you submit by mail and expect a reply, accompany
your material with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Email submissions are
preferred. Send to Include "Submission" in subject line.

Sample issue: A sample issue may be purchased online via our Back Issues page.
For a Table of Contents and sample current issue visit our online Reading Room.

Length: Minimum 650 words; maximum 2500 words, except under
special circumstances.

Response: Since we are on a bimonthly schedule, if you do not hear back right
away please be patient—it may take up to eight weeks for us to get around to
reviewing new material.

Reprint: Inform the editor if the story or photo has already been published in a
commercial publication.

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