Classified Ad and Rate Calculation Form

Classified ads must be prepaid. You may submit your ad using the handy form below.
Please complete the ad form, print and mail form along with a check or money order
to the address listed at the bottom of this page.

Step 1: Select a category

Step 2: Select a style

  • Regular = $0.50 per word ($10.00 minimum per issue)

    Boxed = $0.75 per word ($15.00 minimum per issue)

Step 3: Select number of issues

Running your ad for a full year entitles you to a free subscription to Rural Heritage.

Step 4: Compose your ad

In the space below, type your ad as you wish it to appear. The first three or four words will be capitalized and
in bold. To get the greatest attention, make those words the subject of your ad, such as “Registered Suffolk
mares” rather than starting with words like “for sale” or “wanted”. To avoid delay in placing your ad,
please put a space after each word to ensure the cost is accurately calculated.

Step 5: Review the cost of your ad

You may edit your ad as many times as you wish, but please be sure to verify the correct cost.

Step 6: Contact Information

Please provide contact information for our files (this information will not to be published).

Step 7: Comments, questions and special instructions

In the space below, please indicate your comments, questions, or special instructions.

Step 8: Print ad form and mail

Print your completed ad form and mail with a check or money order.

Step 9: Payment

Print and mail: print completed ad form and mail with a check or money order to:

  Rural Heritage Classified Ad
  PO Box 206
  Cedar Rapids, IA 52406.

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