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Alvin Yoder
Beginner's Horsemanship School

student learning to drive

Under new management by Alvin Yoder, previously assistant instructor for Eli J.C. Yoder. In this school you will harness and drive each morning, enjoy an Amish meal each noon, then visit nearby harness shops, collar shops, and cart and wagon shops in the beautiful hills of eastern Ohio—in the heart of the largest Amish comunity in America. See the Amish people farming in the fields.

By the end of this school, you will feel a sense of accomplishment in being able to harness, hitch and drive. Something new this year: When you finish you will be able to drive a four-up hitch with one set of lines.

Yoder Beginner's Horsemanship School includes:
  • 4 days hands-on driving and learning about draft horses
  • home cooked Amish meal each noon
  • first evening get-acquainted meeting and meal
  • Visit to nearby harness, wagon and cart shops

Price: $395.00 per person.

We also do 1 day group sessions by appointment (noon meal included).

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Here's how to find us:

Alvin Yoder
5232 State Route 515
Millersburg, OH 44654
330-893-2562 (voice mail)

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06 December 2017