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According to the “Guinness Book of World Records,”
the record holder until 2007 for largest horse was Priefert's Radar,
a Belgian gelding standing 19.3-1/2 hands (that's 6'7-1/2"
or just over 2.01m) and weighing 2400 pounds.
(courtesy of

Radar was born in 1998 in Iowa, and resides on
the Priefert Ranch in Mount Pleasant, Texas,
along with Goliath, another Guinness Record Book tallest horse.
At 2,400 lb, Radar has a giant appetite to match,
putting away 20 gallons of water a day,
40 pounds of hay and 18lb of grain.

Radar, took the title of largest horse on July 27, 2004, at the North American Belgian Championship
in London, Ontario, Canada, according to Jamie Pans, U. S. public relations and
marketing assistant with the New York office of “Guinness.”
(courtesy of Tribune, Mount Pleasant, Texas)

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