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Belgians in the North America are divided into two groups: modern and old-style. Modern, or American, Belgians are leggier and have more slope to the shoulder than old-style Belgians, or Brabants. In the United States, the former are common while the latter are relatively rare.

The Belgian has been bred for its ability to efficiently convert feed to flesh and muscle. This horse has heavy muscling, a deep chest, wide barrel, powerful hindquarters and an active boldness, yet is willing and docile. These traits have made the Belgian the most popular draft horse in the United States among horse farmers, loggers, and pullers.

color— American: sorrel, roan, chestnut
Brabant: roan or bay
average mature weight— 1,400 - 1,800 pounds
average mature height— 16 - 17 hands
temperament— bold and active, willing yet docile
uses— heavy draft, farm work, pulling contests
association— Belgian Corporation of America
  Canadian Belgian Horse Association
  American Brabant Association
web resources— About Belgian Draft Horses
International Museum of the Horse
Oklahoma State University

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