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Haflingers in Farm Work
Posted by Karen at 2007-05-01 06:16:51
I'm a freelance writer preparing an article featuring farmers who use the Haflinger horse in farm work.

Please email me at . This article will appear in Small Farm Quarterly (Cornell University)

Response by Laurie D. at 2007-05-01 13:43:40
Just got a team, for our son who's 15. Have tried them plowing with a walking plow. Will go to a plow day this weekend. See how that turns out.
Response by Tim Sigmon at 2007-05-02 00:34:34
I use them. I don't make a living farming but use them as much as possible on the farm. We have used them the last three years to plow and plant small grain and cut and rake some hay This spring we have plowed about 2 1/4 ac to try our hand at corn. Just finished repairing IHC two row corn planter to use for that project. Looking at plowing ~ 1 1/5 ac to plant sorgum and /or sweet corn . We drag logs, haul rocks on a sled, drag pastures with flexible tine harrow, and anything else we need to do. Been using a three up on mower and Pioneer riding plow. And a team on a BC Oliver walking plow. I like the walking plow better. Last weekend we hooked four abreast on the riding plow at a plow day and with lots of help with adjustments to lines and hitch points we did a pretty respectful job . Planning to go to a plow day in Bryson City NC (May 19 I think) with the three. A friend will have his three there also.
Response by Rob at 2007-05-02 12:22:38
I know you said horses, but I have a team of haflinger mules. Don't get to work them much, but have raked hay, logged and driven them to a wagon.
Response by Stephen Hagen at 2007-05-03 20:05:32
Don't the folks @ I. & J. use Haflingers, or is it Fjords?

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