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Shaklee Basic H
Posted by homesteadingoats at 2006-07-07 09:10:50
Where does one find shaklee basic H? Can it be used on other animals than cattle? Is this all natural?
Response by Barb Lee at 2006-07-07 14:34:07
Shaklee Basic H is a soap/detergent. It is NOT an animal wormer. Shaklee does NOT endorse its use as an anthelmintic for animals. That being said, it still works, at about 1/2 cup in 100 gallons of water, as the ONLY water on offer for about 5 days. I use it on horses and sheep. Others use it on cattle and goats. I do before and after fecals. It has never failed to clean the animals out. I understand it is made from soy protein, but that is "heresay." Shaklee is a company much like Amway that sells its products through private individual type distributors. They've been in business for decades and sell quality products. You can find them online by doing the usual search.

Barb L.
Response by Denis S at 2006-07-11 08:17:05
DR Lee---I'm interested in using the Basic-H for worming horses. One question; Will it cause pregnant mares to abort?
Response by Jerry Hicks at 2006-07-21 15:45:56
I have been using it as a wormer for some time now and with good results. I use it on horses and cattle. I use a cup per hundred gallon. I also preceed it with DE in the salt/mineral mix for a week just to lay the groundwork. It is made from a soybean protein and I understand it can be used in organic operations.
Response by Rural Heritage at 2006-07-22 13:40:19
Our office has been contacted by skeptics who would like to hear about the use of Basic H by livestock owners who regularly have professional fecal tests done--species, test dates, and test results. Thanks, Gail
Response by JH at 2006-07-22 20:17:23
Sorry for the obvious question here: Why can't these skeptics do the "testing" themselves?

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