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Boone county draft horse and mule sale
Posted by Charles at 2015-09-10 17:14:25
Did anybody go and how does it compare to the old location.
Response by Dave Frieden iowa at 2015-09-12 07:40:16
I went I sold 3 no saled 1 sold awagon,Bob sled,pony harness,some qh and draft half sets of work harness and a couple of collars. Realisticaly everything sold well i thought it sold well.I no saled a halflinger 5 year old mare because she was worth more as a chore pony than the 700.00 dollar bif we had ,so I sold her te mate gelding for 900.00 and brought her home. We put her on our small feed sled and did chores then on friday morning my wife is still happy so I'm tickled too. On the other side we bought 4 fillies out of the Oakhaven production sale don there . I guess the way to say it was paid what I was willing to pay. Are they worth it as as Eddy Smock always says you'll like em. We bought them because as everyone experiences horses get older and it was time to get some fresh horses and we chose to sell them while they are still useful . we bought 4 because we wanted 2 teams . We are thinking of buying a horse colt because we don't find what we want readily available in reasonable travel distance.

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