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Killer Prices/Drafts/texas
Posted by Kellyintx at 2015-09-08 09:47:06
Trying to arrange for an old team of Belgians NOT to go to the killers. I'm trying to get em bought (cheaply) for a public heritage pioneer farm. I have no idea of killer buyer price, but I feel that IF they were to go to auction, that's the price they'd bring. The horses I estimate to be 18+ years of age. They are nice looking Belgians--in pretty good shape when I saw and worked with them this past spring. I estimate weight to be 2100/2200 pounds each and 18/19 hands. I've harnessed and ground driven and driven them very briefly to a wagon. One seems to work well with a broken mouth snaffle, while the other seems to need some leverage such as a Liverpool. One breathes noisily after a bit of work and they do not like their feet handled. What is killer price? Thanks, kelly

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