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Upcoming auction;
Posted by Howard Burbach at 2015-09-06 17:37:00
Auction is listed on events page but in case you haven't checked it. go to wheelermurphy.com next sat. the 12th. in Harrisonville Mo. What a collection of carriages wagons horse related items and antiques. I will be helping ring that day so if any of you porchers show up come say Hi. always good to put a face to a name.
Response by dbarker at 2015-09-06 21:17:03
Howard, I didn't know you were on here. Never know who you will run across.

Response by Howard Burbach at 2015-09-07 11:06:41
Gosh Dave didn't know you where on here either. Hope away you can make it down next Sat. the 12th.
I was overwhelmed the other day at the quality and quantity of items that they were just dumping in piles. Get there early so you have a chance to go over it. It was like Christmas morning to me.

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