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What size tractor could run a stationary threshing machine
Posted by Jake at 2015-09-03 22:09:54
We are finally able to play a little bit and are looking for a threshing machine
To take to the local show
I'm not sure what size tractors I should be looking at
Anyone have a favorite model that they used
Response by Don McAvoy at 2015-09-04 13:55:09
Depends on the crop and the width of the seperator. 22 inch to 28 inch an M IHC will work easily. Might take a 5020 JD to equal that!! Just joking folks, an A jd or a 60 JD would work also.

Remember that it has to be up to speed before that feeder house clutch will kick in. Tractor needs a good govenor and will hold its RPM.
Dry shocks, you " might" be able to use another brand!! Have fun; my old niehbor stopped when we were usuing JWallers machine several years ago; he was driving up the road 1/2 mile west when he seen it. it takes a lot of wheat bundles to make much grain.
Response by Harvey Seidel at 2015-09-04 22:02:50
We used a 1941 M international. Ran it good...on the belt.

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