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Question on neck yoke
Posted by Gary Rose at 2015-08-28 21:32:42
When I was reading the latest RH I saw the picture on page 33. I from western Nebraska this type neck yoke are not used, what are the purpose of this style. Would not this style add extra weight to the horses neck?
Response by Dale Wagner at 2015-08-29 08:27:10
Why are you so worried about weight onthe neck? If you can pick up the tongue, it isn't too much weight for a horse to pack.
Response by john squires at 2015-08-29 20:22:24
You do not need the neck yoke for four. A single one works unless you are trying to back up a semi.
Response by KC Fox at 2015-08-30 11:14:55
more brakes going down hill
Response by Wes Lupher at 2015-08-31 07:36:54
I'd like one each for three and four abreast to hold back loads coming down my dugway.
Response by Gary rose at 2015-08-31 18:39:09
Thanks for the education, I have seen many six abreast hitches but they always had only a neck yoke on the tongue team
Response by Wes Lupher at 2015-09-01 21:51:42
The only reason for it is helping hold loads back Gary rose.
I use three and four abreast quite a bit.

What part of western Nebraska?
Response by Gary rose at 2015-09-02 22:55:07
Response by KC Fox at 2015-09-04 22:57:29
Gary if I get up that way I will give you a call

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