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3 horse eveners
Posted by Will Beattie at 2010-09-13 23:50:32
Also, can anyone explain the most versatile 3 horse evener? I have seen "plow" eveners where the singletree in the middle is connected to the other two, and tounge eveners, and so on. The regular evenr with basically a doubletree on one sie and a singletree on the other, with an evener bar connecting all. Want to buy a 3 horse evener, but don't know what is my best purchase. Also thought that might be a good way to start my young horse after ground driving. hook her in the middle of a 3 horse hitch. Maybe use my team lines on the two outside horses and check lines to the new horse in the middle. that way maybe she can't do much since she would be sandwiched in and the better horses there for guidance. I am EATEN up with the draft bug. I am hitching almost every day like it's an addiction!
Response by T Payne at 2010-09-14 09:50:09
Will, team lines to the outside is right, and will put direct control from your hand to both sides of the middle horse, but the jockey lines go from the hame to the insides of the outside horses' bits. So the outside horses really aren't "holding" the inside horse so much. It's actually the other way around, the inside horse is "holding" the outside horses by one side of each bit. But it will probably work anyway just fine. I prefer to put the green horse on the outside of a good steady team and use a jockey stick until the greenie gets smart enough. That doesn't take very long.

You can add a check line to your team lines to reach over the middle horse to the outside horses and have lines and checks on all sides of all bits.

I don't care for the 3 abreast tongue eveners. They pinch that middle horse too much to suit me, and I wouldn't want to train a green horse on the tounge with one. Others swear by them though. The horses do adjust to it, some of them, but I prefer an offset evener. Just get out your Pioneer catalog. I have found it very convenient to buy all that stuff online if you want to through either of two online outfits that do a real good job with Pioneer stuff .. my draft superstore or workinghorsetack.com, Gary and Marlin respectively. They both are available to take your orders 24 hrs/day, and they both answer their phones almost all the time. :-) You probably know that already.

To work the offset evener you need to move the tongue to one side or mount a bracket to your tongue to compensate for half the width of a singletree. The Pioneer forecarts now have a sliding bar that takes care of your forecart needs for offset hitching, but for wagons or if you have primative homemade forecarts like I do you probably need to mount that bracket on the tongue. :-)
Response by Mule Man at 2010-09-14 10:15:45
Will , give me your email and I will send you some pictures of the type I have and what I use them with.

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