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Twin Percheron Colts

Tracy and Steve Bagley of Treynor, Iowa, were surprised when their Percheron mare Brooke delivered early—and delivered twins on top of it. Brooke had been examined by ultrasound three times, with no sign of twins. The Saddlebred crosses were born March 27, 2006. Remington (pinto) was up and running around when he was discovered that morning. Jericho (solid) had a slower start; he took about 6 hours to stand; he had the will, but couldn't get the back end to cooperate. He recovered quickly, after the vet pumped him full of commercial colostrom and various shots. By the time the colts reached four months of age they were about the same size, and both healthy. Remington has the grace and get up and go of the Saddlebred. Jericho favors the Percheron half; he is laid back and happy to be brushed all day.

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31 July 2006