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Percherons originated in the La Perche region of northwest France. They are compact and muscular, yet retain from their Arabian ancestry an elegance and active way of going. The neck is crested, and the face is refined with the large, dark eyes of the Arab. Color may vary from black to dapple gray or blue roan, some of which eventually turn white. In some areas sorrel is a common color. Percherons have little feathering on the legs and are used for farming, logging, and pulling contests, as well as to pull heavy wagons for advertising and for carriage rides on city streets and at historical sites. Percherons are becoming increasingly more popular for riding, as well.

color— black, blue roan, dapple gray, white, sorrel
average mature weight— 1,500 pounds
average mature height— 15.2 - 17 hands
temperament— active, energetic, good natured,intelligent
uses— heavy draft, driving, carriage service, riding
association— Percheron Horse Association of America
web resources— International Museum of the Horse
Oklahoma State University
videos 2010 World Percheron Congress
book— The Percheron Horse in America

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