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Rural Heritage Magazine Cvr Rural Heritage, serving the draft community since 1976
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      Take a look at an entire issue in digital format. This is available for all subscribers to the print edition and for a reduced price by itself. A great new way for overseas and Canadian customers to read the magazine without having to pay the premium for postage.

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The Best in Draft Animal Books

Special Collection Offers

Special collections of books and videos on subjects from horse farming, stable management, small working farms and more. These collections are offered at 20 percent off what they'd cost if you bought the items individually.

Mischka Press Calendars

Draft horse, driving horse, mule, and donkey wall calendars, desk calendar, and appointment calendar

Entertaining and Educational DVDs

Christmas Cards, Notepads, Blank Cards, and Postcards
  • Stationery
    New Christmas cards every year with rural and animal themes as well as our own J.C. Allen Christmas cards, Robert Duncan cards (blank inside), Bonnie Sheilds notepads and Bob Mischka postcards.

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Discounts of 10% to 50% on an eclectic selection of books and videotapes.


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