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Horsepower Organics, David & Deborah Mader, 37035 Allstead Lane, Halfway, OR 97834, 541-742-4887, fax 541-742-7933, Family-run farm, organic certified for hay, garlic, herbs, row crop vegetables, angus cows, and raising, training, and selling Belgian draft horses.

  • Source of power: 6 horses in training (out of our herd of 40 Belgians), combines for grains, beans and herb harvest, J.D. tractor for baling hay.
  • Horses are used for: feeding, discing, row crop cultivating, hilling crops in garden, moving irrigation pipe trailer, harrowing, plowing, manure spreading, mowing, fence building, hay hauling, parades, weddings, hay rides, more mowing, cultivating, seed drilling, and producing foals (5 to 6 every year).
  • Acreage: 155; in small grain, alfalfa, herbs, row crop vegetables, irrigated pasture, woodlot.
Horsepower Organics
  • Skills offered in: learning under close supervision to work with many different horses, independently in a variety of situations; demeanor of driver, single, team, and 4-up driving, farm and town driving, equine feet care, foal care, nutrition, harness fitting, horse attitude and how to determine it.
  • Work hours: 50-60 hrs/wk.
  • Terms: room & board; 2-3 apprentices at a time.
  • Accommodations: in family home and camper bedrooms.
  • Apprentice must: have a good attitude.
  • Visit first: not necessary, but we do need an application, current work/character references, and phone conversation.


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