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Good Farming LogoApprenticeships in draft-animal farming and logging were once difficult to find, but not since Chase Hubbard completed his degree in "Good Farming" at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina. When Chase had a hard time finding skilled draft horse farmers offering the apprenticeships he needed to complete his degree, he set out to accumulate information and help set up the Good Farming Apprenticeship Network.

The Good Farming Apprenticeship Network is designed to link future farmers with experienced handlers of working draft horses, mules, and oxen to ensure that valuable farming and logging practices are passed down through the generations. Participants offer a broad range of learn-by-working experience.

This program is neither a source for jobs nor for cheap labor. Apprentices must be eager to learn by pitching in to help with the work at hand; mentors must be willing to take time to impart their skills to novices. Draft-animal apprenticeships are offered in the following states and provinces:

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If you are experienced in the use of draft-animal power and are willing to share your skills and knowledge with someone who is eager to learn, you are invited to participate (at no charge) in the Good Farming Apprenticeship Network. Just fill out our Horse Farmer/Logger Information form, outlining the details of your farm, ranch, or horse logging operation and the nature of the apprenticeship you offer.

Rural Heritage provides this service free of charge and makes no warranty, expressed or implied, related to participation in the Good Farming Apprenticeship Network. We urge both apprentices and those offering apprenticeships to investigate before engaging in any agreement.

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